Corporate & Commercial/Transaction Advisory

Our firm has the ability to handle the most complex transactions with the simplicity of a world class standard. Our lawyers are prepared to handle each transaction in such a way that it makes both legal and business sense to all parties. We have advised individuals and corporations on legal issues of varying proportions, both within and outside Uganda.

Unlike most firms in Uganda, our team of world class transaction attorneys also has experience in advising on alternative investments and international tax advisory work. Believing that no dream is too big to be unrealistic, we understand that the best solutions are sometimes unconventional. We structure transactions beyond a single entity to solve nation or sector wide problems.

Our structured transactional approach works within the fine lines of the law to bring creativity to the business challenges that affect our clients’ business. Our firm advises clients on investment options and legal mechanisms to secure their investments outside the restricted conventional means within which many find themselves trapped. Our corporate and commercial practice covers a wide range of services including:


Our Tax and Compliance team ensures that all our clients are compliant with the legal regime in Uganda. As tax compliance is a crucial part of every business undertaking, we have assembled an efficient team to ensure that our clients’ business interests are not hampered by non-compliance.

In our advisory role, we ensure that all our clients – regardless of their size and status, bear a long term view in their tax planning. We are familiar with and have advised on shelter jurisdictions and benefits of having businesses registered in specific jurisdictions. We are also familiar with all Uganda’s Double Tax Treaties and the implications of bilateral investment treaties on doing business in Uganda. We aim to ensure that our clients maximize their income benefits without violating the tax codes of the jurisdictions within which they operate.


Our firm boasts of a leading understanding on the nature and intricacies of sovereign debt. Many of our clients have projects that are structured to involve or in some cases depend on aspects of debt and sovereign funding. What is more, we are aware that as Africa is the next frontier, this area of practice is only going to grow. Many countries in Africa have challenges managing and wisely dealing with their sovereign debt portfolio. We are experts in this area.

Our team is also cognizant of the relationship between sovereign borrowing and the economy and we advise clients on this relationship. Whether they are considering investing in Ugandan debt instruments or weighing the extent to the risk to their extensive investments in Uganda that relate to Uganda’s debt portfolio, our clients have come to trust our fine understanding of this field.


As the investment focus on Africa grows, market changes have created a need for lawyers who understand this discipline thoroughly. A younger generation of the growing economic players in this country and from elsewhere have turned to us for advice on how to plan their affairs. Clients have come to rely on our long term oriented advice on how to grow their estates and ensure that the structures they create are not adversely affected by unanticipated changes in law or mismatches in legal regimes.


We run a well-grounded insurance practice. Our knowledge of the insurance law is as detailed in each area of insurance practice in Uganda as it is thorough. We have had the privilege of advising pioneers in the industry and analyzing policies that relate to various kinds of business fields. Keeping with our goal of being specialists rather than generalists, we have crafted a niche in understanding the technical issues surrounding the various ways in which our clients need to manage risk. Our work has involved cross-border insurance aspects, including mandatory reinsurance and how these contracts ought to be administered. Our firm also provided faculty in this area and this is the reason why we believe that we will remain at the forefront of legal practice in this area.


Few businesses understand the need to plan for the unfortunate eventualities that may lead a business into insolvency. But we understand these matters. Our firm is grounded in the fine details of Uganda’s recently overhauled insolvency regime and has handled some of the most intricate insolvency matters in this market. Our partners have authored works on the general areas of insolvency law in Uganda, as well as the specific area of financial sector insolvencies, and how these need to be managed. We maintain a keen interest in the work of INSOL Worldwide, and the Africa related events. Recently, we successfully defended a client in the first insolvency petition ever filed by the regulator to wind up an insurance firm in Uganda.


In the globalized world, a heightened attention against terrorist finance has led many countries to tighten their financial intelligence and anti money laundering legislation. To this end, Uganda passed an anti money laundering law that came into force in 2013. We were one of the early firms to study this law and to advise on it. Our work has received the recognition of the regulator and earned us a reputation as industry pioneers and leaders. We continue to advise our clients on the broad compliance issues that arise in this regard. Recently, we successfully represented a multinational NGO against Anti Money Laundering allegations and secured the release of their accounts.


This is East Africa’s most utilized method of securitization and we are experts in its workings. Having sound relationships with financial institutions and wealth of expertise in the practical aspects of conveyancing give us an edge in this area. The firm has advised some of the largest financial institutions and brings to bear a wealth of experience in various approaches to conveyancing. Consulting for various stakeholders over the years on the policy implications of various legislation in Uganda, our opinions on the future of Uganda’s land and property laws have been sought on a regular basis. Kirunda & Wasige has also provided faculty to Uganda’s leading law school on the subject. We have also advised on some of the largest housing projects in this country and our advice has been key in reshaping land ownership and the property industry in Uganda.