Our Service Range

Many of our clients are seeking to maximize the opportunities presented by emerging economies. Our practical business oriented approach compels us to focus first on the client’s growth needs and second on developing ideas to maintain and sustain that growth.We approach all legal challenges as our own, that we must resolve and not just our clients’ tasks that we could accomplish.

Policy Consulting & Advisory

We have also gained mastery in rendering our advisory services as consultants on non transactional and policy issues. Our partners have led and worked with teams as well as collaborated with other consultancy firms advising government departments, individuals, as well as non-government organizations. Our consulting work has covered a wide range of areas including anti-money laundering, digital migration, policy implications of banking transactions in Uganda, human rights – especially how some of these rights intersect with the commercial dimensions of the country.

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Corporate & Commercial/Transaction Advisory

Our firm has the ability to handle the most complex transactions with the simplicity of a world class standard. Our lawyers are prepared to handle each transaction in such a way that it makes both legal and business sense to all parties. We have advised individuals and corporations on legal issues of varying proportions, both within and outside Uganda.

Unlike most firms in Uganda, our team of world class transaction attorneys also has experience in advising on alternative investments and international tax advisory work. Believing that no dream is too big to be unrealistic, we understand that the best solutions are sometimes unconventional. We structure transactions beyond a single entity to solve nation or sector wide problems.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Although litigation offers some redress for specific cases, we believe that not every dispute must go to or stay at court. Our firm focuses on a non-litigious means of resolving disputes and building lasting relationships. Our clients benefit from the finest advice on how best to manage potentially volatile situations. We also counsel entities and individuals that are already in the middle of disputes on how best to navigate their way out of these situations. While our partners have considerable experience in litigation and have handled ground breaking cases in various fields of the law, our firm’s approach is to apply these skills in a preventive rather than reactive manner.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

In order to execute effectively on a project to project basis, our mergers and acquisitions department employs a multidisciplinary approach in handling a wide range of M&A transactions. These include public /private deals, friendly or hostile takeovers, joint ventures, strategic alliances, spin-offs, proxy contexts, tender offers, distressed M & A, and public to private transactions. The firm prides itself in looking beyond just the legal issues and focusing on other key issues such as taxation, socio-political and economic indicators. We have advised intending investors on the best ways to structure their deals and pride ourselves in having offered transnational advice that keeps our clients happy and returning to us.

Extractive Industries

Our Extractive Industries practice covers all the areas of energy, oil and gas, mining and other natural resources. The Extractive industry is one of the most important and fast changing sectors globally. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, growing global demand, security of supply and ageing energy assets mean that governments and energy/ mineral companies globally are faced with some of the most complex and challenging decisions that will have an impact not only on economic prosperity but also on the long term health of the environment.

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Securities & Capital Markets

We steer clients through the complexities of raising capital in the credit sensitive emerging markets. Our practice aims to enable our clients to grow and achieve adequate capacity to realize the vision of their business. Kirunda & Wasige Advocates are trained to advise clients on the various creative safe options to maintain a healthy and stable financial position. The firm recognizes and helps our client to understand that African markets are growing and offer a real viable alternative.

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