Bringing together a wealth of expertise in the practice of law, Kirunda & Wasige provides a comprehensive suite of legal services for entities and individuals.

Born of East African roots, we view our work from a global perspective, advising our clients in a wide variety of sectors including banking and finance, energy and natural resources, securities, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions.

At Kirunda & Wasige, we address an array of legal and business challenges our clients may encounter while pursuing their business goals. We recognize that our clients must not just survive the modern nuances of business and commerce but grow in spite of them.To this end, we have brought together a dynamic team of young, gifted and  industrious attorneys.

The core client centered goal is to work alongside our clients as a trusted adviser, providing the support they need to thrive in this dynamic economic environment.We rely on simple legal approaches to offer outstanding results. Our lawyers are trained to demystify the law

Our Vision

The superior quality, service and ultimate success of Kirunda & Wasige Advocates can be directly attributed to our vision for the future. The practice of law is an honourable profession. We are continually aware of our dual obligation to vigorously represent our clients, and maintain the honour and dignity of our justice system. We are committed to creating a world where members of the Bar are trusted confidantes whose first interest is the personal and financial well-being of their clients.

Responsible capitalism benefits society.We are committed to using the law and our justice system to create an environment in which the health and creativity of individuals and entities can thrive. We believe in the balance our laws strike between marketplace competition, intellectual property rights, and the need to protect the public. Our mission is to ensure that balance is always main- tained in the interest of a thriving, healthy society.

Always negotiate win-win deals. Our commitment to our clients is that each and every agreement they enter into be a good deal to all involved.This avoids problems and breakdowns later, and simply amounts to good business practice.We fundamentally believe that people are passionate about helping one another. And yet, at times people have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. We keep our eye on the forest.

People should do what they love. Our greatest pleasure is being of service.Through efficient, eco-nomic, intelligent counsel, and a wealth of relevant experience, we help our clients exceed their goals while focusing on doing what they love.We do what we do so that you are secure and free to do what you love.

Our Location

Kirunda & Wasige Advocates’head office is located in Kololo an upscale neighborhood of Kampala city’s CBD, the capital city of the Republic of Uganda. Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa and is located at the equator . It is bordered on the east by Kenya, on the north by South Sudan, on the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the southwest by Rwanda, and on the south byTanzania.The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria(the source of the River Nile), which is also shared by Kenya and Tanzania.

Due to Government economic reforms over the past decade economic growth has been robust. Uganda recorded 7% growth despite the global downturn and regional instability.

Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, and sizable minera deposits of copper and cobalt.The country has largely untapped reserves of both crude oil and natural gas.While agriculture accounted for 56% of the economy in 1986, with coffee as its main export. It has now been surpassed by the services sector, which accounted for approx 53% and agriculture dropping to 22% of the GDP in 2011.

Founding Partners

Noah Wasige

Noah Shammah Wasige LL.B (Hon.) (MUK) Dip.Lp (LDC)

Noah S.Wasige is a Partner in the firm and one of its founding partners. Noah oversees the Conveyance , M&A, Energy & Mining departments of our practice.

Having worked with one of Uganda’s top tier firms MMAKS advocates for over seven years, Noah brings all round corporate legal experience to the firm, as well as lasting and fundamental relationships with some of the biggest players in the sectors he oversees. He brings a wealth of knowledge in litigation as well as dispute resolution and has advised several multinational corporations in each of the sector he oversees. Noah sits on the Boards of Directors of various local and international companies and has recently taken on tasks that put him at the centre stage of the oil and gas sector in Uganda.

Noah is an Honours Graduate of the Makerere University Law School and is a member of the Uganda Law Society and the East African Law Society.


Robert Kirunda

Robert Kirunda LL.B (HON.) (MUK), LL.M (Cum Laude)(UWC)

Robert Kirunda is Partner as well as a co- founding Partners of the firm. Robert oversees the firm’s Banking & Finance, Securities, Capital Markets, Alternative Investments and Structured Transactions departments. Having specialized in corporate transaction advisory work early in his career, Robert bears a wealth of experience that spawns various sectors, institutions and countries, including a stint at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC.With broad legal experience across both the public and private sector. He bears a keen interest in and has engaged in a number of policy driven projects in international trade and investment law.

Robert has in the past taught at the Makerere University Business School and now teaches at the Makerere University Law School where he specializes in, among other areas, Legal Control of Natural Resources, International Trade and Investment Law, Insolvency Law, Insurance Law and Land Law and Transactions. He has spoken at various events, presented papers at various institutions and undertaken various research initiatives.

An Honours Graduate of the Makerere University Law School and the Law Development Centre. He also holds a Master of Laws (Cum Laude) from University of Western Cape in South Africa. Robert has also attended the International Legal Studies Program at American University,Washington College of Law. Robert is a member of the Uganda Law Society where he has serves on a number of committees. He is also a member of the East African Law Society.